Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism

Today I sent my petition to sign the "Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism." In some circles this document is deemed "controversial", quite honestly not sure why. It is just an affirmation of orthodox ecclesiology as evidenced by the church fathers, the ecumenical councils, local councils and continual witness of the faith.

The text of the document can be found here:

It is refreshing to see such a large movement of people from all walks of life join together to take a stand against the blatant abuses of many hierarchs of all levels, various theological delegations, clergy, laity and so forth. I see it as another witness which occurs time and time again throughout all of history to keep the ark on track. The assault on the faith is continual and while ecumenism when performed properly is a good thing, much of what passes for ecumenism is just heretical.

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