Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Humbling Indeed...

Just a few thoughts…

I have spent the last 4 years as a volunteer nursing home chaplain in a small facility, 107 beds, and believe me it can be trying at times, but I certainly have had my share of laughs and many joyous occasions. However, despite the inevitable sadness of losing an aged friend, the joys, the unexpected and so forth… I feel such work is necessary for us all as we need to bring the gospel to all, no matter what stage in life others may be in, even the last stages of this earthly life. We need to execute love and attempt to be an example despite our own frailties and weaknesses.

I have recently finished 9 weeks of hospice training and have started a new chapter in ministry serving those in the absolute last stages of their earthly lives. So far I can only think of one word that describes participation in this field; humbling. So far in this line of work the reality is indeed wakes up call. To see the effects of the fallen world and how it resonates into our being, we as people being subject to suffering and ultimately earthly death is quite a call repentance and yearning for God. Our time is short and we must return to Christ who restores all things. All men and women “die”, but in Christ we may have eternal life.

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