Monday, February 8, 2010

For Anglican, Old Catholic and Protestant Denominations

I have a very winding past in my search for the fullness of Christ and His Church. I searched for Truth and by the grace of God found it. I respect any and all who search for Christ and despite historical considerations in one's life(geographic location born, denomination raised in etc.) of course love them. And this is why I post this link below. I found it to be down to earth and not harsh for the sake of being such. Although God's grace operates where it wills, we know the fullness of the Church is in one place; the Orthodox Church. Many "denominations" mean well and there are found many pious and courageous souls. However I feel they only have glimpses into the Truth and lack the fullness thereof.

I especially respect the historical circumstances for the birth of Anglicanism, true orthodox old catholocism(not he independant craiziness we see today with mechanical apostolic succession only). They were reactionary against the extreme abuses and distortions of Rome and her often tyranny, Rome being a body who had already severed itself from the Church. However, a return to the early councils and fathers in mind but not in actuality is not the fullness, but a glimpse.

In all humility I would suggest reading the following book. Like I mention it is not to say "I'm right, your wrong," but to look at eccleisiastical presuppositions, historical truth and the reality of the mystical body as opposed to trying to reconstruct it outside of the fullness of Christ. Well intentions are good, but one's will must not surpass the will of Christ. The Chuech has gone nowhere, it has also been there.

JJ Overbeck’s "A Plain View of the Claims of the Orthodox Catholic Church as Opposed to All Other Christian Denominations" (1881). This can be found here:

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