Friday, November 27, 2009

Nothing New About "New Age" Thought

I have a real aversion to things which echo “new age” sentiments. I have seen it destroy people’s lives just like false notions of “religion” bring about many delusions, prejudices and destructive tendencies.

At this point we have all heard of Rhonda Byrne’s problematic book “The Secret”. It is a typical new age book that resurrects old ideas rooted in gnostic thought. A true and viable alternative to such nonsense is the work, “Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives the Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica”.

Instead of the notion that our mere thoughts create our destiny Elder Thaddeus gives us a sober view of purifying the mind from harmful thoughts sparked by inherent passions and dark spiritual energies and corruption of this world (logismoi). Instead of Byrne’s self exaltation, delusion and falsehoods promoting humans to a God-like status, as if we are creators such as God, Elder Thaddeus gives us holy wisdom that has been passed down since the inception of the faith.

“The Secret” promotes delusion, arrogance, pride, false hopes and promises of a fruitful existence. Elder Thaddeus’s experience promotes humility, cleansing of the mind, repentance and a healthy view of God and creation, making no arrogant promises. The only promise he gives is that we must struggle in the arena of our existence to draw near to God.

As Christians, must wholly reject methods of the “new age” submitting ourselves to the Divine Providence of God by relying on the grace of our Lord for all healing which may or may not take place. Many of these new age practices include energy work, psychic entrapments, false hopes, fantasies and delusions and practices are incompatible with the true catholic faith. In regards to spiritual practices we rely on the gifts granted to us and maintained in the Church of Christ made manifest through scripture, tradition, the sacraments, personal and communal prayer, hope in our Lord and the intercession He often allows.

This spirit is what is called the “new age”. It is simply a modern manifestation of age old heresies, deceit, and spiritual destruction. The new age is essentially a spirit of error and destruction which continually re-invents itself in a loose, but powerful, network of satanic entrapments, deceit and false promises leading the soul away from its only source of redemption and healing and restoration to the pre-fallen state, that of Christ. It substitutes truth for error or ambiguity, blending truth with falsehood in order to ensnare the will in a decision between the Almighty God and the fallen one. It seeks to exploit our inherent weaknesses and our human failure. It is in part the cause of sin, or at least the promotion of it, and therefore the reason for sickness and death of the soul. It tries to extinguish the True Light in a world of darkness. "The True Light that enlightens every man" and "that all who believe in His name may become the children of God" (John 1:9-12). It seeks to pit the created against the Uncreated. They seek the destruction of the essence by sowing seeds of discord. It is a mode of thought and action which is detrimental to the soul. Ambiguous, deceitful, cunning, full of lies and has a goal of having all under its hellish jurisdiction. It seeks the ruin of man and his entrapment either willingly or by trickery and deceit. It does not discriminate for it wants to destroy man who is created in the image and likeness of the One, Eternal God. It seeks to lead away even the elect by creating barriers between man and his redemption.

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